Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Dyane is a versatile bilingual Singer/songwriter performer for different genders of music including Cumbia, Reggaeton, Latin Pop, Romantic, Dance,Freestyle and R&B.
Born in Canada, of an Italian father and of a Guatemalan mother, Dyane always performed in school events, competitions and contests as she grew up. She also received a variety of awards for many performances and also appeared on several TV shows in Guatemala, Canada and the United States. Dyane has been fortunate enough to travel to many countries outside of the United States, inclusive of Brazil, the Philippines, Italy, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, and Canada. Traveling with her father during her adolescent, she managed to perform in many events, winning several awards along the way. She also appeared on TV shows in Canada, California and on the popular Spanish TV network “Telemundo.” She finally decided to settle down in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she presently resides, and go after her true love, her music. After some long hard work, Dyane’s first full CD was released in March 1, 2007, a combination of , Pop-Cumbia, Latin Pop, Romantic and Reggaeton. The song entitled "Te Quiero (Reggaeton)" has already been chosen for a Reggaeton compilation album called "Megaton 2006 Volume 1" by Yuyo MC currently on iTunes. 
Dyane had concurrently worked on other productions and collaborations with other artists while working on her own production. This is something she will continue to do now that her first album has been released. Also in June/2007 she performed in several Festivals, including 152nd st. Festival in the Bronx, and 116th st. Festival in Manhattan, New York during the Puerto Rican Festival. Also several festivals in San Francisco including June 27. 2009 for the gay pride week, In City Hall.
In 2010 Dyane is  in Toronto, Canada  working on her new Production.
2010 Dyane Teams up with Yuyo MC of SGR Records USA  as Her Music Production Manager & Prepares for Her new album release that features Dance and Club  Freestyle Music Produced by Yuyo MC Originator of “Buscando La Razon” on Destino de Honor . Plus the new CD Compilation of Dan Scott “Scream” wich will be released for 2011 under SGR Records USA.
SGR Records USA – www.sgrrecords.com
Management : Yuyo MC  209-409-0382